What is Functional Medicine?

What is Functional Medicine?

Get back in the body you want and feel like YOU again! How Functional Medicine (FM) can help you get there.

FM is the practice of why? Why are you having these issues? What happened that created the problem in the first place? FM is about unraveling the imbalances and deficiencies and connecting the dots. Is it a hormone issue, a gut issue, or a toxicity issue? Body systems are connected and imbalances and deficiencies effect other organs. Stress on your adrenals can cause digestive issues, increase your blood sugar levels, decrease thyroid hormone output. Organs do not function separately, they are all connected. Functional medicine is evaluating how organ systems are functioning, rather than looking for a specific disease or putting a diagnosis label on it.

When you work with a FM practitioner you enter as partners in the process. It is a personalized approach to health and wellness that is tailored specifically to YOU. No two people have the same genetics or life’s experiences therefore, individuals will require different dietary changes, different supplements and herbs to initiate healing and different lifestyle modifications.

This process, in addition to a detailed history, may require specific tests to measure how your diet and lifestyle and life’s experiences have effected your health because symptoms are a downstream effect of something greater happening upstream. Advanced or specialty testing gives us the lens with which to focus on function rather than just symptoms. Tests can uncover the link between where and why your body stopped working in harmony.
Your history and testing is how I can develop a customized dietary and supplement roadmap that is specific to you and your needs. Get to your root causes, and get back in the body you want and feeling like YOU again, maybe even better!
Everyone can benefit from the advice of a functional medicine practitioner because the emphasis is on restoring and optimizing each individual’s unique metabolic balance.
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